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How it works:

EVO Stations is like your EV's favorite hangout spot! It's a charging hub made just for EV drivers like you. Here, you can power up your ride, let your furry friend do their business, grab a coffee, handle your deliveries, munch on a snack, or even give your EV a quick clean. It's like an autonomous pit stop where everything's super easy and convenient – all designed by EV drivers, just for you!

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About Us:

At EVO Stations, we're not in the business of charging electric vehicles; we're in the business of transforming the way you experience mobility. Our story is rooted in a passion for sustainability, innovation, and the ever-evolving world of electric vehicles.

Our Journey Begins

Founded by a group of forward-thinking individuals who are enthusiastic about the future of electric transportation, EVO Stations was born from a desire to make EV charging more than just a practical necessity. We set out to create an ecosystem where every charging session is an experience – a moment to unwind, recharge, and connect.

Driven by Innovation

From the very beginning, innovation has been at the heart of our mission. We've leveraged cutting-edge technology and design to craft charging hubs that are more than just utilitarian. Each EVO Station is an oasis of convenience, offering a range of services and amenities to enhance your EV journey.

For EV Drivers, By EV Drivers

What sets us apart is our unique perspective. We understand the needs and desires of EV drivers because we are EV drivers. Our team is composed of passionate enthusiasts who have navigated the EV landscape themselves. We've been on the road, faced the challenges, and found the solutions that make EV ownership a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Join Us on the Journey

As we continue to expand our network of EVO Stations across the country, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey toward a cleaner, more sustainable future. Whether you're a seasoned EV driver or just beginning your electric adventure, we're here to make every mile more enjoyable and convenient.

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